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20 year old Female
Last online over 1 year ago
La vergne, TN
Hewo!! Umm, idk what to say..oof. ok, to start off, I’m not actually 18. if you’d like to know my real age, just DM and ask. But i’ll have to kinda get to know you first.

Discord: dark_neko666#4285

NOW FOR IMPORTANT SHIT: *stupid radio talk show music*

Name: I go by Kat. But my real name is Katherine
Age: DM to find out.
height: 4’11”
Weight: I’m never telling.
Eye color: Green
Hair color: (original is brown) Purple
Interests: Anime, Cosplay, Roleplay, Youtube, Gaming, Drawing, Singing, (attempting) dance, chilling outside
Dislikes: Bullies
Ethnicity: White

A lot of the time, I’m called a loli bc of the fact i have a semi high voice, and bc i’m short and other reasons that i’ll never tell unless i get to know you

I’m super shy...that’s why i got into anime...bc of the fact that i’m always alone and stuff like that..i don’t have many friends...But, i’ve been into anime for ab 4 years now and I’ve watched over 200 anime while being locked in my room. I don’t like being around ppl, other than my waifu (my bff, Abi) but we never get to talk.

If you’re going to try to hit me up for nudes, or anything that has to do with a relationship, I’m going to politely decline. I have a bf (as stated earlier lmao) but i’ll definitely talk ab anime and wanna become friends :3

anywaysssssssss baiiiiii *yeets off le website, dressed as a banana*