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It is. I'm enjoying it too so far. We've gotten to the part where the story seems to be ramping up, so I'm ever interested in seeing what will happen next. I've also been watching the new run of Fruits Basket (I'm a few episodes behind though). Have you seen any of it?
Hi there fellow Floridian! I saw you watched Angels of Death too. I've been gradually watching it with a friend (not done yet). How did you like it?
Sep 06, 19 at 11:34am
Welcome to the site, I am one of the moderators. If you have any questions, concerns or anything you feel the need to report; let me or one of our moderators know. here are 2 of the mods we have on the site incase ya cant reach me https://maiotaku.com/p/makotoharuki https://maiotaku.com/p/hell_hound7
hey ive been looking for the anime special a. is there a way to add it if you cant find it in the anime section.
if i cant find in anime is there a way to add it