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33 year old Male
Last online 5 days ago
*Shrugs* Your Guess Is As Good As Mine,
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Why can't the Ps5 just be available somewhere to purchase. I need to just gather the money to buy a Ps4 so I can get Call of Duty and join the DERP Squad if they allow it.


33 years old as of today -__- hooray. Today was a nice day tho. 2 aunts and my brother wished me a happy birthday over the phone. My aunts always want to send me cards and put $20 in it and I appreciate it but I try to tell them it's not necessary cause I'm an adult but they insist always on sending them so I just tell them thank you. They send my mom a card for her birthdays too and put money in it but that's how they are and are caring people. Appreciate my families love ^_^

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 Happy birthday old man
南柯 @hakutaku Happy birthday~
©️hillhouse @chillhouse Geez,thanks Panda XD 33 is the new 100 so that joke is accurate about being an old man. lol. But seriously thank you for saying happy birthday to me. Means a lot hearing it from a friend ^__^
©️hillhouse @chillhouse Enki, thank you my friend too >:D

After thinking it over I guess I'll just keep at it with the memes unless someone mentions something about having a problem with em...I guess my stuff is equal to other peoples stuff so I guess they aren't any wilder or crazier than anyone else's...


Man I use to be so wholesome but lately I find all these crazy memes and I think I take it too far sometimes >.< Gonna have 2 dozen friends take me off their friend list probz and I def don't want that to happen. Is the stuff I'm posting on everyone's walls okay to post? Or is it offensive to you guys? If it is let me know and I'll try to find other stuff that isn't like the stuff I been posting lately. I really honestly don't know what's acceptable or not anymore at this point...just cause I think it's a bit humorous doesn't mean others will feel the same...


Your welcome :D

Ghost @kuharido left a comment for ©️hillhouse
May 17, 21 at 4:02am

This is a long animation too. The full link is in the info.

©️hillhouse @chillhouse XD Omg that was entertaining dude lol

Wasn't kidding about the coolest part. He's the coolest on the site. Just kidding about the joke of him being a whale. Sorry for the mix up >.<

©️hillhouse @chillhouse LOL. Yes he's truly blessed in that area and should stand proudly as the only human with a whale....*whispers* you know what....

Prince of Whales. The coolest whale / panda in the world. J/k again. Just messing around. Aight. I'm gone for an hour. Signing out for a bit.


On mobile and not home so if anyone tries to talk to me I'll be slow to reply. Just letting everyone know but i will be back home in maybe 2 hours

Izuku Midoriya @code_016 Okay “Mr. Popular” Sheesh Jkjk XD
©️hillhouse @chillhouse Ohhhhh snap Izuku! XD That's a good one. LMAO. Believe me i'm not that popular. You and a dozen others are way more cooler than I am. But thank you for the laugh dude.^_^

I really like these Odd1sOut Comics

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