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26 year old Female
Last online over 1 year ago
Amsterdam , Netherlands
Wat i want find here mostly Friends & mabey more then that.. ^\\^
..Im a bit shy with the years lately so it hard for me to talk with someone first i will try my best to talk with anyone because I want to improve myself OwO.. can be slow in replay but will always replay back

sorry for my English not only is it not my first language (that is Dutch) but eneded up learning British & American English at the same time my english can be bad at grammic but i will do my best explain things (ps I forgot to say I also have dyslexia ^w^;)

Love to watch anime and read more manga lately ouside of watching, i love too look at both good and bad flaw on each charather before saying things that also will go anything else.

⭐ I tend draw often as my main passion making many OCs/FCs and even fanart of my favo charather. love to make some story about them there are some/many Charather who have 1/3/5 things about me in them but they hidden to let other to find out.^w^ meow~☆
⭐A selfteach Artist who want became better looking up many inspiration Artist, i can draw Traditional as Digital
my style always change but there at least 5 version that i see as my main ^w^
☆☆☆ find here all my Art website, will edit over time https://linktr.ee/BWGCQ1Qstar ☆☆☆
☆ To make clear I will only post view of my OC/FC & Fanart, species or artwork I made for other with there oc or where my oc part of are off limit. This to save the artist oc as the species owner wishes in case of Artthief/Species Thief.
✨ Please do not Steal/Claim/Edit/Resell/Repost/Reupload Heavy inspiration Any OC/FC i have made. Again they have something to do with my live and are personail.

Last thing whould playing game on anime based or fanatasy if have nothing else.. love horror but also mysterious things but cute things are fun too. Im a all around someone who love all kind of diffrent type of fandom or genre

Not sure wat write more but will edit later on ^^ thank you for readsing