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Kowarekake no Orgel

About me:
- height: 170 cm (5'7")
- average build / weight
- no severe illnesses or disabilities
- never had a relationship or even kissed someone
- was never a smoker, a drinker, or used drugs
- wealth: neither rich nor poor, no debts, a decent job
- sexual orientation: hetero, I love yuri
- similar characters in anime world (at least some major traits, in no particular order) :
Hazumu (Kasimasi), Kazuto (UFO Princess Valkyrie), Yota (Video Girl Ai), Nyarlko (Haiyore), Keiichiro (Kowarekake no Orgel), Lain (Lain), BPS (BPS), Yuri (Alien Nine), Kazama (Sasameki Koto), Haruma (Chocotto Sister), Chise (Saikano) Kirito (Sword Art Online), Koichi & Mei (Another)

I'm looking for a significant other, who:
- is at least a bit cute, doesn't look older than me ^_-
- likes at least few anime among my favorites
- doesn’t mind to have own children
- is freedom-loving / tolerant (in particular, on censorship & suicide topics)

Your country: any (I consider changing my residence)
Your race & height: I'm fine with any race & height
Smoking & drinking: it’s ok for me if you smoke or/and drink
Sexual orientation: I don't mind if you're bi (and sure I don’t mind if you love yaoi^^)

Not a "must have", but it would be nice if (just like me) you're a dreamer rather than a thinker.

I'm still working on adding all my favorites, and some anime are not available in the database.