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36 year old Male
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‍Animekid @animekid left a comment for boundbyluck
Jun 11, 15 at 10:55am
Just about to order the Hinata Hyuga shirt....months later haha.
‍Animekid @animekid left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 23, 15 at 10:48am
I never made it much beyond the average difficulty but true, aim for the leader and the rest of the them followed more or less. I haven't played too many games that I can recall with different boss movements based on difficulty but there have been a few. Phantasy Star Online EP 1&2 comes to mind though. Never made it to boss on ultimate though, far to much grinding with little exp gain from the grinding. But hey that means I never had to deal with his "1 hit kill" moves that showed up on the Ultimate level haha. I guess I never tried to talk with others much on Old Republic, not that anybody tried with me either....I did make many friends on Runescape when I played it years ago....most of them either became members though and stopped talking/meeting up after awhile or I just outlasted them in playing Runescape or both.
‍Animekid @animekid left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 21, 15 at 1:47pm
I have tried playing it and it was fun but I guess I just don't enjoy playing mmorpg games as much as I used too. Maybe I don't feel like I can devote as much time to those kinds of games as I used too? Seems a little silly since it wouldn't seem to be a problem with other games....maybe because unlike other games mmorpg's usually do not have a defined ending if you know what I mean? Cool, thanks for the suggestions. True, compared to other "choice making" games, the choices you made only affected the outcome to a point, usually affecting it with either a good or evil tone and everything aside was the same whatever choice was made. I know this may sound rather obvious but did you try it on the hardest setting? Or maybe you meant easy in a different manner? I did enjoy the free world feel too it and being able to get to just about anywhere in the game that was visible. I've enjoyed some mythology, though in very minor amounts, thanks to my interest in anime/Japanese culture. It can be very surprising how a strong interest in one thing can lead to an interest in another just by association. Sorry for how long it took for me to get back to you.
Bryan @cybermephiles32 left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 17, 15 at 8:36pm
This account has been suspended.
Apr 17, 15 at 6:33pm
Nirvana to me is not "heaven". It is ceasing to exist. Enlightenment is a state of being, that's not a higher power. There are no higher powers in Zen. In other schools, yes, but not Zen.
Apr 17, 15 at 5:54pm
How much you said about Buddhism is wrong on so many levels. I take the literal definition of atheism - Greek meaning is "no god". Buddhism does not require you to believe in a god. Whether or not I believe in reincarnation or the other natural laws on Buddhism does not change how I am. I did not start a fight - I provided an opinion. If said opinion provokes - that is not my problem or business. I'm not a petulant child, and I despise the US, not hate it. It BETRAYED and DECEIVED me. I have every right to hate the US, but choose not to hate it. I sometimes slip the tongue, but I don't hate it. I despise it, and have rejected it as my identity. China is a better country for me, and people tangentalized the discussion. You may not think of me as an intellectual, but I am recognized as one by many people who know me. In the end, you're no different from the people who stabbed me in the back for so many years - you're providing so much defense. I have learned much in my short time on this Earth. Farewell. I have said what I feel obligated to say. Don't step into this anymore.
Manga_bird @manga_bird left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 15, 15 at 5:52pm
We will get a room...eventually...
Sherflow @sherflow left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 15, 15 at 5:30pm
Easier said then done -.- I'm fine thank you and yourself?
kaneki_ken @kaneki_ken left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 15, 15 at 5:18pm
Yeah its cool its nice to befriend you then luck :)
kaneki_ken @kaneki_ken left a comment for boundbyluck
Apr 15, 15 at 4:31pm
Hey luck thanks for the friend request :]