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26 year old Female
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Westerville, OH
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‍Animekid @animekid left a comment for blonde169
Feb 09, 17 at 9:25am
Kingdom Hearts and pokemon for the win!
Haku @haku left a comment for blonde169
Feb 04, 17 at 8:31pm
Hello Lynn and welcome to the site. I howp you are doing well ^.^
kaizu™ @finecanine left a comment for blonde169
Feb 04, 17 at 5:10pm
Yep, just exclude anything involving flowey and i'd agree, the game is awesome. I absolutely hate his guts if you can't tell. I honestly think Chara has more redemptive qualities at this point.
kaizu™ @finecanine left a comment for blonde169
Feb 04, 17 at 10:58am
I'm just waiting for the part that says ansem is another xehanort clone...he has to be! Or something similar lol. Meh, I like combat as riku more but overall prefer sora (probaby because I'm a lot like him and riku is less responsive, but I guess more realistic). They cut his hair though, why did they cut his hair? :/ True, I like the dream eaters and its a nice for some of the mini games. Now instead of yelling at Donald for not healing me I'm yelling at a flower (not literally yelling lol). But Asriel made for the best ending! And that boss music <3 I mean it sucks he had to go (I like to think he didn't have to be a flower again) but him saving everyone makes the most sense. That hug though...that hug... Don't get me started on endings...the last guardian is one of my favorites and I lost it at the end of that game xD anime, depends I guess. I never like sad endings no matter where its at. Or if someone does even if its done well I'll have gripes. How has your weekend been?
Feb 04, 17 at 10:33am
Thanks for befriending me! I look forward to getting to know you. ^-^
Feb 03, 17 at 10:23pm
Nice to meet you! Mind if we became friends?
Feb 03, 17 at 8:58pm
Hi Lynn, welcome to MO! :3
kaizu™ @finecanine left a comment for blonde169
Feb 03, 17 at 6:20pm
Did you ever get the true pacifist ending? That's what made me like Asriel so much. xD
kaizu™ @finecanine left a comment for blonde169
Feb 03, 17 at 6:16pm
Haven't touched 0.2 yet. DDD seems cool so even if it slumps in story its already top tier imo. Flowmotion is the best thing to come to kh combat wise! Well its up there! Some of the worlds are in line to be my favorites too. Though you can't tell by looks, the dream eater mini games are so clunky its easy to tell those are best on a handheld. xD What did you think of the drop mechanic? That's the one thing I'll admit to being kinda meh on. I mean its different but ultimately you're exploring the same area twice. That timer is soo evil though! I think when san's said "you're gonna have a bad time" he meant all aspects of the genocide run. I actually started on genocide because I had no concept of what undertale was when I got it and "mercy" seemed like a stupid option for a video game at the time. Boy was I wrong. Glad Sans was there to stop me or else I would have never gotten to do my good runs which were infinitely better. Yeah...papyrus was hard to beat...even harder than having to go on date with him! O.o
kaizu™ @finecanine left a comment for blonde169
Feb 02, 17 at 11:12pm
Anddd with that game list I had to say hi...3/5 are my all time favorites (undertale, pokemon, and kingdom hearts). I really like LoZ and such of course too but those are much higher. I've been playing 2.8 now actually, I never got to play dream drop so its been pretty fun. I have a feeling most people aren't going to have a clue what the heck is going on though xD As for undertale, well last time I played that I gave up trying to beat sans and many videos later I'm quite happy I did. I would have screwed my game up for good o.o' Sans is so epic though. The game is awesome but my fondness is definitely sans...and asriel. Never have I hated a plant so much in my life... Have you ever attempted a genocide or no mercy run? I could go on about anime as well especially Soul Eater but considering I've already written an essay basically I'm good. Which is odd... because I generally suck at writing. xD Anyway, welcome to MO! ^^/ Hope you have an awesome time around here and make lots of new friends!
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