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Last online 3 days ago
Toronto, Canada
Huge Star Wars fan, partial Trekkie, diverse music lover, retrogamer, manga and anime fan, cosplay fetishist. :)
Trilingual who speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and English.
My astrological sign is Leo, so I'm very passionate and dramatic. My height is 5"7 (171cm). My eyes are greyish-blue. My hair is brunette. My personality type is INTJ.
I own a gradually growing collection of manga, anime DVDs, and character figurines. I even invested some time and effort into editing AMV tributes to my favourite characters along with other forms of fanart.
Anyways, the reason why I'm here is because I'm hoping to find someone local who could eventually become my romantic partner at some point down the road. I've already been making plenty of long-distance friends at tons of other websites, but unfortunately I'm at a stage of life where this type of interaction might no longer be sufficient enough. I might be in need of someone who could be able to give me some face-time and someone who could be there for me once I become too elderly and/or ill, you know.
With that being said, my ideal partner must be a female who:
1.) would be able and willing to cosplay as my fictional waifus
2.) has her own source of financial income and tolerates the fact that I don't indulge in impulsive spending
3.) is not allergic to cats, because cats are my favourite type of pet
4.) has tolerance for my diverse and unconventional taste of music
5.) has tolerance for my overall introverted and old-fashioned nature
6.) is preferably a non-smoker
7.) doesn't have large tattoos on their thighs or on their chest
8.) loves to creatively express herself and use her imagination
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