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29 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
5',8" And yes i have two other accounts, my other wouldn't let me log into it. so i have to use this one now. I have black hair, blue eyes, Caucasian and don't really care which pool i date from...male or female. I'm an artist. just recently gotten into drawing anime and stuff like that. but i love someone who loves me for who i am and not what they expect me to be. plus i love goths! I'm a goth myself. Not a full blown goth, but goth. Big Final Fantasy series fan! love VII and VIII. I'm quite funny. i may look like some kind of dark, emo child but I'm actually quite funny. My tastes in music just kinda ranges from Breaking Benjamin to Vocaloid. but i hate contry, hip-hop, rap or blues. they just feel kinda bland to me. more of a rock, metal, pop, techno, soft and soundtrack music guy. if u think i'm cute, hot or whatever add me. and yes, i'm looking...
Sep 10-12