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Last online 2 months ago
Czesc, Jestem Beherit.
(Hi I'm Beherit).

I have been on MO since May 2016 was moderately active for my first couple of months, would be inactive for a couple of months or weeks at a time, then inactive for weeks/months at time. I finally became active on a regular basis since August 2018 and will continue to do so. I initially came just to screw around and troll, but have come to like this place and its people.

I am 50% Polish, but 100% Slav in spirit. (You can tell just by looking at my pics). I like Slav things like wearing Adidas tracksuits, squatting, playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R, listening to hardbass and removing kebabs.
I have a variety of interests such as history, video games, painting, writing, swimming, walking, music, and films.

In my free time I do plenty of activities such as painting units for my Warhammer 40k armies, going for long walks, playing Magic the Gathering, collecting CDs and vinyl records. I have a fair collection of books, mostly fantasy and sci-fi, the best being HP Lovecraft. I also have a library of non-fiction books, mostly books concerning history and the occult.

I also like writing all kinds of things, I even write down my dreams. But I like to write stories, short and long and I even plan on writing novels. In college, I even took a screen-writing class and wrote a screen-play... However this all a side show to the fact I freelance making and editing videos for a living now.

Beware, for I also have a dark sense of humor... Also if you are a friend of mine and you want to talk outside of this website, PM me for my discord...

thevampire1023 is my girl, she's cute so be nice to her...
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