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31 year old Male
Last online 3 months ago
Duluth, MN
Hi everyone! It's great to meet you!

I was previously an Executive Chef, but have had to suddenly make the switch to something remote based. That being said, I am currently working on amassing marketing and analytics certs.
I also dabble in Audio engineering and video editing, I'm actually trying to build up something on youtube in my spare time. I focus mainly around doing Horror Otaku reviews. I even employee artists and voice actors for it, soon we move on to animation!
Besides that, I hang out with my Good boy Ripley.

I am your all around otaku. If I had to pick three favorite genres, it would be horror, romance, and slice of life. That being said, I will read or watch most things.
I collect horror and yuri or girl love manga.(Tender slice of life not ecchi). I've also started figure collecting the last few months.
Favorite anime: K-on!
Favorite manga: Cage of Eden.
Waifus: Ram, Hestia, and Albedo.

I think that's a ton of info to start with. I hope to make some great friends!