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19 year old Female
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shyguy777 @shyguy777 left a comment for beansprout_
Mar 16, 23 at 2:22am
I like your name :)
Mar 15, 23 at 7:58am
Yeah, what my little Doppi- @forgetmenot I told you to be Doppio! Fine. I'll let it slide today. Yes. Not One Pieceeeeeeeeee! No! I'm blinded! I see it when I close my eyes! Aggghhhh!
One piece! Not one piece! Noooo not one piece! Anything but one piece! (Preferably JoJo) Whyyyyy?! Why does it have to be One Pieceeee? I'm kidding, but yes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is best. Extremely biased opinion though. LOL
beansprout_ @beansprout_ I can tell <3 LOL i’m not sure, but i think id still prefer watching that than all of One Piece (sorry burnt water) : ( lol
I'm the new green bean machine to wean the spleen &lt;3 or something maybe.. I'm not looking to date here, so please don't target me in that way &lt;3 I'm happy to make a lot of friends instead &lt;3 hopefully I can add more things to my profile soon, I don't know what to add &lt;3