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Last online about 1 hour ago
Cleveland Heights, OH
A socially awkward introvert.
They/them, she/her, he/him.. Idk, any pronoun is a good pronoun

Looking for a partner but am pretty shy and awkward about it, and a little hesitant in fear of gettin hurt again but lonelyness sucks more than anything..

I like all sorts of anime but seem to lean towards slice of life, magical girl, and any anime with yuri whether it's legit or subtext. My favorite is probably Sailor Moon, I know it's kinda cliche lol

I also like video games, and fantasy/sci fi movies/shows especially comic book adaptions. Recenly I'm really into true crime and dark mystery type of content and documentaries of that kind.

As for music I listen to japanese (anime) kpop (S♡NE since 2011, my queens are back for 15th anniversary ;v;), some spanish music, spanish rock and spanish pop, and occasionally some old rock, hip hop and older rap music

Please feel free to talk to me.. Actually pls talk to me lol.. I'll definitely be too shy to be the first to talk to you v_v

MAL: AnimeRbdLover
A-P: BakaBLC