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27 year old Male
Last online almost 6 years ago
I am just a young 20 year old who is primarily looking for someone with to having intelligent intellectual conversations and debates about. I've been an otaku since I was in high school and I'm still going strong at it.Some more about me is that I have 2 older brothers, and 2 younger sisters, making me the absolute middle child. I own 4 dogs, 2 Chihuahua's and 2 Bostonterrier/Pitbull mix.
Any genre is good but my favorite is probably action/suspense. Least favorite is Moe/SoL (Some exceptions). Favorite Anime: Stiens;Gate, Full Metal Panic/Alchemis, Bakemonogatari, GATE (JSDF), Beelzebub, Nisekoi, Gantz, One Punch Man and more. (I really need to get on that Anichart and make a complete comprehensive checklist.)
Least Favorite: Probably some type of BL or Yuri SoL.
I currently work for a daycare service and watch about 12 kids, age 1-5, for about 10 hours a day, M-F. I attend local college, on second year now trying to get my degree in computer programming or becoming a computer technician.
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