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33 year old Male
Last online 10 months ago
Saint Cloud, FL
College graduate with a Bachelors in Pre-Law. Substitute teacher(working on becoming a full fledged teacher), looking to one day help people get their GEDs. Also plan to go back and get my Masters at some point. Probably work on that over the summers once the teaching job starts.

In addition to my like of anime (and animation in general), I am also into gaming. Video games (favorite genres are JRPGs and Metroidvanias), table top games (40K, Malifaux, etc), board games, rpgs, tcgs, you name it. I simply enjoy having fun with others.

Other than that, huge nerd who has seen all things Star Trek (why is there not a crazy ST anime yet?). Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie (I consider the whole extended batch to be a single film :) ).

Just looking to meet people and see what happens. Maybe make some new friends, and if I am really lucky, maybe find that special someone who wants to put a collar on me ;) (I lean towards the subby side of things btw). Also worth noting, that although I marked interested in females, I am slightly bi. My taste in guys physically is just more specific (into more feminine/androgynous guys, dislike facial hair etc).

Want to move to Europe within the next few years, not exactly 100% decided on a specific country or city yet. Want to make a trip there next summer to explore the continent if everything keeps on track. :)