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Asylum 保護所

29 year old Female
Last online about 11 years ago
If you don't like me for who i am. Then Leave me alone because i will never change for you or Anyone else. I am me for me. If you love me for who i am. then good for you.
A young Wiccan, I am an only Child. I am Into Vampires, blood, video games, anime, cosplaying, yuri (for the win) I ride horses, belly dance. And I'm Just full of spirit. I am random at anytime. I like being myself. I'm bi (you can suck it if u don't agree and i love boobs >//
I've cosplayed as Alucard, Schrodinger, Auska from EVA, and Cossette from Le Portrait de Petite Cossette. My mom made both my Auska and Cossette dress which i love to death. I love animals too, especially cats and rats they're so cute. When it comes to cosplay i take it serious. I go all out too, from the wigs to contacts to even shoes i go all out. My next attempt on cosplay is a Little sister or Milk-chan from Oh! Super Milk-chan

If you wanna talk to me just send me something. Oh my spare time i like to read, draw, sing, play with my rats i have 5 females and i love them to death. I sometimes enjoy talking to myself. I'm looking for someone i can be myself around, someone who won't judge me and would enjoy doing couple cosplay with me. Oh and i sometimes smoke and drink at times, only for social events nothing else. So if you can't handle that. Then oh well. ^-^ I enjoy raving too, YEAH!! ~but I just wanna play it right
we, we’re gonna get there tonight!

it’s been so far, I’ve been walking the line on my own~ this may sound nerdy.. but i'm trying to learn elvish lol
Oct 9-11