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20 year old Female
Last online 12 days ago
Anaheim, CA
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Aug 07, 22 at 4:49am
HI ari_ add me and lets talk we can do much more when we are talking
ロイ @wallace614 left a comment for ari_
Jul 11, 22 at 5:00am
Breaking the korean stereotypes with that intro quite amusing. Now I know why the blacklagoon pic. Do you even game or are you full weeb?
Welcome to Mai Otaku. Hope you enjoy your time on this site. I also enjoy Black Lagoon and dark humor. How dark would you rank your humor though? On a scale of, making light of existentialist dread to someone just lost their left arm and leg, but are still all right.
Jul 08, 22 at 5:12am
That maid in black lagoon hard af yo
keihei711 @keihei711 left a comment for ari_
Jul 08, 22 at 2:38am
Hello, welcome.