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I love anime, manga, and video games. You can call it not being very selective, uneducated, unrefined or whatever you like but I haven't really SEEN an anime that I haven't liked. I love going to con's but I don't go that often because of the amount of money I end up spending and the availability of where I am.

I'm a gamer as well, owning a PS2,PS3,Nintendo 64, Xbox, Wii, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, and Nintendo DS. When it comes to games probably what attracts me the most is the storyline. I'm not much for gory games though.

I'm not very comfortable around people I don't know and it shows as the shy, quiet guy but the more I know them the more fun and friendly I get! I love hanging out with friends and people who share the same interests as I have. I think I'm pretty adaptable to others(maybe sometimes too much, as it has been said) and sometimes I end up pushing myself out when trying to make others happy. If there's anything else you might like to know feel free to ask ^_^

One last thing, please, PLEASE, don't be afraid or too shy to talk to me. Chances are that I'm just as shy as your feeling and I PROMISE that if you ask me something or say hi, that I will respond.

I also have a Skype and facebook if you prefer, just ask ^_^

P.S. If you just send me a friend request without saying anything then there's a fair chance that I won't accept it. If your shy it doesn't really matter what you say, it could even be "GUAKAMOLI!!!", even without proper spelling of the word guacamole lol.
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