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Last online almost 3 years ago
I am a 20 year old boy who loves to watch anime, although I often don't know what to watch.

I also like music and games, infact I would say I'm a gamer at heart.

I don't have any specific kind of music I like, I hear a song and decide individualy whether I like it or not. Generally I can say I hear a lot of Nightcore and just started to hear j-pop a bit. The music I don't like is Rap.

For games I can say that I like nearly every game as long as you play it with friends. I don't prefer any kind of genre, I play anything.

I am really shy towards people I don't know so I dont have all to many freinds, especcially noone who likes anime and games as much as I do.
For my personality, according to tests, I am Kuudere or Dandere, wich seems pretty accurate.

I never went to a convention before but I would love to.