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36 year old Male
Last online 3 days ago
Seattle, WA
Hey there!

I'm a marine biologist by day, anime and gamer nerd by night! My job is doing statistics and data science, working with Columbia River salmon. While I'm definitely passionate about my work, I like to leave it at the office and chill when 5pm hits, lol. Definitely 40 hours per week is enough, I don't understand people who want to work overtime.

Anyway, for my nerdy hobbies, I love gaming, anime, movies, tabletop RPGs, the works! I basically just love any type of good storytelling, no matter what medium. But I *extra* love science fiction! I also like to get out of doors once in a while for a nice hike, but most of the time the weather isn't exactly great for that in Seattle, heh.

Anyway, I'm really looking for an LTR, not just internet friends, so I'm hoping to meet people who are serious about meeting up in the real world at some point!