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26 year old Male
Last online 2 months ago
Stockholm, Sweden
Well, what can I say really? I suppose me being a weeb is a given since I found my way onto this internet pitfall! I wish it only stopped there, but well, let's just say that when I like something, I REALLY get invested into it. As a result, I've watched all sorts of anime, played all sorts of JRPGs on all sorts of Japanese consoles, owned a loooot of Japanese shit, some of it expensive and the rest junk, read all sorts of manga and visual novels, travelled to the holy land on my pilgramige and even wore an ahegao shirt once (Crazy, I know right?)

Basically, when it comes to weebiness, I've basically been there, done that kinda guy. Chances are if you are into obscure shit, I'll probably know about it as long as its connected to the weeb arts.

Oh yeah, surprisingly, even with all this stuff hiding in my closet, I live a relatively normal and comfy grad student life (at least I try to be normal, not sure how I look like to others, ngl xD).

So as you might have already guessed if you managed to read this far, I really can't shut the fuck up about anime and games, so if you want to listen to a broken-ass tape recorder go on and on and on about why Prison School is the greatest anime ever created in our day and age, I'm your guy.