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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods [Movie]

Plot Summary
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The film begins with the awakening of Bills, the God of Destruction. As he has his breakfast, his valet Whis enquires as to why he has awoken ahead of his schedule. Bills explains that hed had a dream of fighting a warrior called a Super Saiyan God. He confirms this dream with a visit to the Oracle Fish, who had predicted the battle (although the Fish cant remember the prediction, she agrees with Bills to avoid trouble).

Bills and Whis first head to King Kais planet, where they meet Goku. Goku doesnt know anything about Super Saiyan God, but begs for an opportunity to spar with Bills. An amused Bills agrees, and to everyones shock he defeats Goku in two moves. He then concludes that Goku is not the Super Saiyan God, but heads to Earth to inquire about the other remaining Saiyans. King Kai sends a message ahead to Prince Vegeta, warning him that Bills is on his way to Earth and that not even Goku could stand against him.

Meanwhile, on Earth its Bulma Briefs birthday party and everyone has come to celebrate it. Amidst all the festivities, the Pilaf Gang (enemies from Gokus childhood) sneak in to steal the Dragon Balls, enchanted heirlooms of Gokus family that grant your hearts desire. They are caught, but everyone assumes they are putting on an act and play along. Meanwhile, Videl is hiding a big secret from her husband Gohan…

Amidst all this, both Vegeta and Bills and Whis arrive at the party. Vegeta immediately sees that Bills is a serious threat and tries to steer him away from the party, but Bulma invites him over to enjoy himself. Although Bills doesnt find any Super Saiyan God on Earth either, he consoles himself with the delicious food provided at the party. He then tries to sample some pudding, but Majin Buu eats it all up; this finally causes Bills to lose his temper and he swears to destroy the Earth. All the Z-Fighters engage Bills, but he defeats them effortlessly. Bulma slaps Bills for ruining her birthday and he slaps her back; this enrages Veg

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