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Boku no Pico [TV]

Boku no pico
Boku no Pico
Plot Summary

In this lovely coming of age tale we see the young and adventurous Pico explore himself and his future during one mysterious summer. The series is composed of three OVAs that will keep you in tears and wanting more, each tale tells one story of Pico’s summer as he tries to find who he really is and the conflicting nature we see between the departure of childhood and the entering of the teenage years. In the last OVA the plot finally comes together and Pico has finally realized who he is and now is satisfied with the new friends he had grown to love and now looks forward to going to school with them. Also, sex?

If you’ve been recommended to watch Boku no Pico, be prepared as the show is not what one expects. It starts out as just an everyday anime until you realize what’s about to happen. Not for the faint of heart. The characters are not very romantic with each other and go out for ice cream, but adult stuff happens anyway; suddenly and quickly. If you watch the opening it starts with a boy sleeping in his underwear and the next shots are quite lewd.

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