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Hell Girl [TV]

Hell Girl
Plot Summary

The story revolves around a supernatural system where, anyone with a powerful grudge may summon the Hell Girl, a mysterious entity that will exact her client’s revenge with the price of damning their own souls to hell after they die.

After torturing the cursed target by letting him/her relive inside her/his own cruelty and injustice, Hell Girl ferries the poor soul into Hell, where eternal pain and suffering awaits them.

About the Show

Jigoku Shojo, also known as Hell Girl, is a horror, supernatural, mystery anime series originally written by Hiroshi Watanabe, directed by Takahiro Omori, and produced by Studio Deen. Its first season aired 26 episodes between October 4, 2005 and April 4, 2006. The second season, entitled Hell Girl: Two Mirrors, had 26 episodes which aired between October 7, 2006 and April 6, 2007. The third season also had 26 episodes, aired between October 4, 2008 and April 4, 2009, and was entitled Hell Girl: Three Vessels. A fourth season has been announced, and will be released this summer.


Ai Enma
Ai Enma, also known as the Hell Girl, is the main protagonist of the series. She has long black hair, red eyes, pale skin, and is usually seen in a black school uniform. Ai is an enigmatic supernatural entity that shows little to no emotion, and lives with her grandmother in a realm that basks in eternal sunset. Inside their house is an old computer, from which she receives the requests of her client.

She lived in a peculiar village during her life as a mortal, where she was chosen to be buried alive, a living sacrifice as part of her village’s tradition. Her once deep brown eyes turned red after her childhood friend and cousin was forced to give the first shovel of soil during the ritual. Enma did not die, but rose out of her grave instead. Full of hatred and vengeance, she killed everyone and burned down her village.

Sometime later, a spider appears before the damned soul of Enma, and was revealed to be

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