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Ai no Kusabi [OVA]

Wedge of Interval, Space Between, The, Wedge of Love, Love Wedge
Ai no Kusabi
Plot Summary

The story combines the themes of science-fiction, aestheticism, and yaoi. Ai no Kusabi focuses on the love and conflicts between the three main characters, Iason Mink, Riki, and Guy. The setting is in a future where a computer-controlled society, Tanagura, is divided into different ranks based on hair colors.

Ai no Kusabi is a novel written by Rieko Yoshihara. It ran as a series within the famous Japanese shounen-ai magazine, Shousetsu June, from issue No. 22 in December 1986 through No. 27 of October 1987. The story then was re-edited slightly by the author and published as a hardcover book in 1990.

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