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Nodame Cantabile [TV]

Nodame Cantabile
Plot Summary

A first class musician name Shinichi Chiaki whose dream is to play among the greatest in Europe. He came from a notable family, he is known to be a perfectionist—not only is he highly critical of himself, but of others as well. Shinichi didn’t proceed in flying to Europe because of his fear of flying. Therefore, he’s grounded in Japan.
He enrolled at Japan’s top university, during his senior year, Shinichi happens to meet Megumi Noda a.k.a. Nodame. At first glance, she looks to be a shaggy girl with no goal in life. Nonetheless, Shinichi heard Nodame played the piano for the first time he was struck in awe of the kind of music she produces. Still, knowing that Nodame is his neighbor and fell in love with him Shinichi got dismayed.

About the show

Nodame Cantabile is created by Tomoko Ninomiya. The series depicts the relationship between two aspiring classical musicians, Megumi “Nodame” Noda and Shinichi Chiaki, as university students and after graduation.

Season Summary

Episode 1: Lesson 1
Chiaki was about to give up his dream of becoming a conductor. His despair affects his playing, and he is transferred to a different teacher, Hajime Tanioka, who specializes in failing students, until he met a girl who proclaimed herself as “Nodame.”

Episode 2: Lesson 2
When Chiaki quits as the violinist of Ryutaro Mine, Mine is at the peak of quitting classical music for rock music. Mine, a violinist, was desperately searching for a pianist to perform with him, until he saw Nodame. He didn’t know that his troubles were going to begin when he chose her as a partner.

Episode 3: Lesson 3
One of Chiaki’s many admirers named Masumi Okuyama, got really jealous of Nodame’s affection with Chiaki. He started irritating her with random pranks to get revenge. To resolve their rivalry, Nodame and Masumi decide to have a contest, the winner will get Chiaki to go on a date with them on Christmas Eve.

Episode 4: Lesson 4
A foreigner named Maestro Franz von Strese

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