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Keroro Gunsou [TV]

Keroro Gunsou
Plot Summary

In an attempt to establish a secret base to prepare for the coming Keron invasion, Sergeant Keroro infiltrates the home of the unsuspecting Hinata family. However, he is immediately overpowered by two children, forcing him to reveal his true identity. With his weapon the Kero Ball taken away from him, Keroro is defeated and made servant by the Hinata family. Meanwhile, the Keron Army abandons him on Earth. Keroro must now carry on his mission alone, while complying with the household chores imposed by the Hinata family.

Follow Sergeant Keroro and his platoon’s adventure, as they try to conquer planet Earth!

About the Show

Keroro Gunsuo, also known as Sgt. Frog, is an anime adaptation of the comedy manga series under the same name, written by Mine Yoshizaki. Produced by studio Sunrise, the series aired a total of 381 episodes (divided into 8 seasons) between April 3, 2004 and September 6, 2014.


The Keroro Platoon
Unlike the other Keron armies that have around 30 to 40 soldiers, the Keroro Platoon only has 5 members. Their initial mission was to survey planet Earth and convey the information to the waiting Keron Invasion Army. However, after a failed infiltration of the Hinata household, Keroro is captured by the Hinata children and his weapon Kero Ball is taken away. Losing their cover, the Keron Invasion Army declares that the campaign is a failure and immediately leaves Earth.

Keroro, also known as Sergeant Keroro, is the leader of the Keroro Platoon. He has a green skin, he wears a star on his belly, and a headgear with a red star, symbolizing that he is the leader.
He used to be a competent officer of the Keron Invasion Army, but he slowly lost his interest with the Earth invasion. Keroro grew lazy and negligent, usually procrastinating and leaving all his paperwork to the last minute. Whenever spared from household chores, he loves to spend his time (and his platoon’s budget) on making Gundam models, watching an

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