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RP Partner Search Thread

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So - a lot of users here seem to enjoy RPing and so here's to a thread to matching you up with an RP partner :) (Match with me too :p)

Here's a template:

RP Style:

My Entry:
Themes: Psychological, Romance, Horror, Slice of Life
Fanbase: JJBA, Fire Emblem, Original Characters
Likes: Plot twists, Tsunderes, Yanderes, Fantasy, 3rd Person writing
Dislikes: 1st Person Writing, RPing on kik or Line
Pairings: Flexible :D
RP Style: Paragraphs and good grammar only!

Hope this thread launches!

Dec 18, 17 at 7:06pm

So how does this work exactly :p? I am a newbie at this stuff ?

Dec 19, 17 at 11:47am

Themes: Adventure, Action, romantic, Long term, ecchi, fantasy, spice of life, Gore, horror
Fanbase: Original characters
Likes: plot twists, yandere, well thought out ideas, great fight scenes, anime references, 3rd or 1st person writing
Dislikes: time skips, one sided role-play, giving up on the role-play so easy, role-playing on Kik or line or sometimes on Facebook.
Pairings: Flexible
RP Style: paragraphs and good grammar

Dec 19, 17 at 3:33pm

Themes: adventure, magic, fantasy, comedy, romance.
Anime: I watch anime but I don't fan base them.
Likes: plots, mystery moments that keep you guessing and wanting to find out more. More of an even base of gender ratio characters. It doesn't have to be exactly equal but not most of just one gender only.
Dislikes: power playing. Characters that have no weaknesses. Always trying to avoid your character from getting hurt. Characters that knows everything when events starts to unfold. Gore and a lot of horror. I have been known to throw a few horror stuff in but not much.
Pairings: I'm not that picky on who I rp with as long as they are a respectful role player.
RP Style:good Grammer is a plus but it doesn't have to be perfect. Haven't thought too much on this one.

Dec 19, 17 at 3:48pm

Themes: Romance, Horror, Slice of Life, Adventure, Action, ecchi, fantasy, comedy

Anime: I can do anime if I've watched it.

Likes: I love doing original characters. I love a well developed plot and setting, building an original world with lore and history. Humor is nice, i love dark and mysterious themes but it doesn't always have to be serious.

Dislikes: OP characters, flat unoriginal characters, stereotypes, boring/lazy responses.

Pairings: Flexible

RP Style: Good grammar and descriptive.

Maybe all of us here could start a group ? c:

Dec 21, 17 at 11:21am

You know exactly you have too much free time on your hands when you're able to roleplay. (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

Dec 21, 17 at 12:01pm

Sota, that would sound like a fun idea.

Dec 21, 17 at 8:35pm

Themes: Action, romance, ecchi, fantasy, some comedy.
Anime: willing to do anime if I have seen it.
Likes: Orginal Characters, long term, plot twists, well developed plots.
Dislikes: Quitting the Role play abruptly, lazy replies( if you can help it), one sided rp, op characters.
Pairings: flexible, but I tend to use an oc.
RP Style: good grammar and descriptive.

Jan 03, 18 at 4:30pm

Themes: Romance, Cyberpunk, Fantasy & Dystopian
Anime: I watch anime but I don't fan base them. just doesn't feel fun to me.
Likes: Well developed backgrounds/lore, love a bit of sarcastic humour thrown in ;3
Dislikes: Quitting the Role play abruptly, lazy replies( if you can help it), one sided rp, op characters. (Feel free to sue me Esha ;3 )
Pairings: Flexible
RP Style: Texted-based, 3rd person, descriptive and immersive.

Jan 13, 18 at 8:07am
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