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Your Aibou

24 year old Female
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Mckees Rocks, PA
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rawrriceball left a comment for Your Aibou

Thanks for accepting! How's it going?

Dec 09, 17 at 4:05pm

Ahhh where do you work if you dont mind me asking? The weather? Well i learned back in science class that heat rises and cold sinks so what does that say about me and my height? xD lmao idk where i was going with that tbh. But yeah dont be ashamed lol as a tall person i can say its not THAT great it has its pros and cons. Wow do you have any recommendations? Im like all out of anime to watch >.> feel like i've seen everything. But yeah just here chilling i was a rebel tonight and snuck out from my dorms to hang with friends since they graduate next week and i wont see them again

Dec 08, 17 at 11:47pm
Yellow Otaku left a comment for Your Aibou

There's lots to do at the forums, you can meet lots of people there. ^_^

Dec 07, 17 at 12:50pm
genma314 left a comment for Your Aibou

Wow. What a list of anime!

Dec 07, 17 at 5:44am
Your Aibou Yeah, I've watched quite a bit, lol!

Welcome the site. How is it going?

Dec 07, 17 at 4:10am
Your Aibou Thank you! It's going good! How are you? :) Have you been on the site long?
The Ghost Who Walks Doing okay, good week so far. I've been on this site since about 2013ish. It's a nice community here.
Your Aibou Almost five years, huh? Quite a veteran, you are. :) Everyone I've come across so far seems pretty friendly. It's nice to see a community not completely worn down, and corrupted with 60 year old guys trying to look at young girls. x,D There was a site like this, but it was so over populated with men, and most of the women were bots, so every time I interracted with a guy, they kept trying to ask for some.. well inappropriate stuff. x,D;;; It got creepy very fast. Glad that your week is going well! Hoping that wherever you are, it's not getting hit with snow.
The Ghost Who Walks We're supposed to get some snow here. Not sure how much we will get. We did have a 60 year old guy on here but he was a planner for conventions. You won't have to worry about pervs the mods here take care of them. I don't know if we have a list of mods but i know a few of them. Got any weekend plans?

Welcome to the site friend

Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun here

Ps: 4'10 is so short lol but its cute tho XD short people rock <--- im like 6 ft. What kind of anime do you watch?

Dec 06, 17 at 9:05pm
Your Aibou Thanks! It's taking me some time to get around on the site, because of work, but so far meeting some interesting people. :) 6 ft, eh? How's the weather up there? Sorry, I had to ask. I'm the only short one in my family. Everyone in the family including parents, and siblings have been well over 6 ft. x,D Anime though... Honestly, I watch a bit of everything. Queue the long anime list, and that's not even everything tbh. What about yourself?
Vlad left a comment for Your Aibou

Welcome, fellow 'Burgian!

Dec 06, 17 at 6:39pm
Your Aibou Thanks! It's nice to meet another person on this site from the 'Burgh! :D
jvc556 left a comment for Your Aibou

I thought Germans were supposed to be tall :p

Dec 06, 17 at 5:37pm
Tylor left a comment for Your Aibou

So what brings you here

Dec 06, 17 at 5:05pm
Tylor left a comment for Your Aibou

Lol any time

Dec 06, 17 at 3:06pm
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