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19 year old Female
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Ouran High School Host Club
Cardcaptor: Sakura
Digimon Adventure
Nanatsurio Drops
Ranma 1/2
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Dec 30-Jan 1
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Hi :3))
Dec 27, 12 at 4:33pm
Well it's not that hard. I live with a Hispanic family in a white town.
May 24, 12 at 8:25pm
Well if you actually pin point all Mexican or Latino nationality. It would be Spain. And yourself?
May 23, 12 at 8:39pm
hey hows it going?
May 23, 12 at 7:08pm
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ so lad to c another Hispanic on here. I was beginning to worry
May 22, 12 at 1:26am
Wow an academic decathlon 0.o, sounds pretty tough, and ya, Russian history can be very odd at times, like the sniper who had 505 confirmed kills, and the guy who survived enough poison to kill him multiple times, and stabbings and such XD
May 21, 12 at 9:52pm
I've always been interested in Russian culture, the language seems very strong, and elegant, and I'm not very fond of super high temperatures, (It was 90 degrees today, and I nearly died >.>) so I thought it'd be a great place to move/vacation/retire to someday :D.
May 21, 12 at 9:20pm
No, I know small things here and there that I've picked up (like how to say potato in Dutch XD) from conversations, but I've always wanted to learn Russian :3
May 21, 12 at 8:44pm
Wow, you have quite the brain there, to be teaching yourself a language :P, and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between your voice, and a native English speaker's XD
May 21, 12 at 8:15pm
Cool, I heard that unless you learn English from birth, that it's a pretty hard language to get good at, did you find it that way?
May 21, 12 at 7:53pm