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25 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online about 1 year ago
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Legend Of Zelda [All Games]
Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
Crest of the Stars
Slayers Try
Slayers Next
Tsubasa Chronicles
Full Metal Alchemist
Jul 29-31
Staff. Dec. 4
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no picture
it's very nice to have someone good to be close with all time and I do think it is very possible for me Rose to meet nice looking one from this site................................................
Jan 06, 14 at 6:13am
Ha. Wow. Haven't been here in forever. Thank you school and new job.
Anyways, darthepic, my cosplay is handmade. =3
Jan 14, 13 at 6:47pm
hey how that is cool cosplay and I was it bought or handmade?
Jul 23, 12 at 6:38pm
Slayers cosplay is cool! Love that series as i really love Lina and Naga the serpent... XD her laugh is so crazy...
Jul 06, 12 at 12:59pm
Yea :) im always up for a cosplay friend. There are afew i know im wanting to do. Id like to do the older version on simon from gurren lagann, Natsu from fairy tail, Renji from bleach, Stark coyote from bleach, those are a few of some id like to do. Ive got Gene Starwind done and ready for Ichiban Con. There are more id like to do ss well.
Nov 20, 11 at 11:32am
yo, welcome to the site
Nov 10, 11 at 2:26pm
hello how are you today my dear?
Nov 10, 11 at 2:17am
By the way i dont really have any cosplay friends but im willing to make some as i love cosplaying and really wished i had some cosplaying friends.
Nov 09, 11 at 8:19pm
I really need to update this but im not attendee anymore i and a full Staff member at animazement as i work it now. I was staff this year and i was just there last year as a attendee. Nekocon last year i was staff i made staff this year but i never could seem to register i had everything free for this year for Nekocon and i sent them many replies asking how was i suppose to get my free Registration and i never got anything back there really bad with responding on things staff wise but Animazement is awesome. Im thinking about working Ichiban con in Jan. but i want to just enjoy it to because ill be working AZ and a new con starting up in VA next year.
Nov 09, 11 at 8:14pm
you look like a great cosplayer i hope to hear back from you so we can talk ^_^
Nov 09, 11 at 11:00am