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19 year old Female
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Oct 29-Nov 1
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Wow, epic photo.
Sep 01, 10 at 3:55pm
I tis fine :P You? My internent has been, well screwed up. Hence why I having gotten back to you till now.
May 24, 10 at 3:16pm
Hi! Are you going to Youmacon this year?
Apr 03, 10 at 10:45pm
Hello. How are you?
Dec 30, 09 at 5:37am
nyaaa Hi! What it do (*≧▽≦)
Nov 24, 09 at 3:29pm
no picture
ahh yeah we got finals two weeks after thanksgiving but im out of school for the whole week so im gona enjoy every second of it
Nov 23, 09 at 12:15am
no picture
Hi hey how's it going
Nov 22, 09 at 11:22am
O.O You've never gone to a salt water beach before? OH my gosh, it is one thing that if anyone likes anything about the outdoors needs to do one day. The salty, yet sweet air that blows all around you from the ocean, the amazing sound of the waves as it washes up and down the shore, the sunshine that glimmers across the horizon and along the water's edge...All of it is an amazing experience. And then at night, it's almost like a complete 360. It's something you definitely need to try out once in your life. Definitely.
Nov 16, 09 at 6:42pm
Oh rry? Ah, I love to swim. (Hawaiian? That loves to swim? No way!) I'd go into the swim team, but I just think that swimming is one of those things in my life that should be untouched by competition. I love to swim because I love the freedom of the water, that amazing free floating feeling...effortless...gliding...I just think that if I were to go out for the team, it'd ruin it for me. That's cool that you're in the swim team. Why do you like to swim?
Nov 15, 09 at 4:13pm
no picture
rawr lol it's fine that you're random. I hang out with lotsa random people n_n
Nov 15, 09 at 3:30pm