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23 year old Male
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Im looking for the girl of mydreams hoping ill find her... hopefully Maiotaku will help a lil bit?
Oct 27, 12 at 12:38am
Well, I had the ORIGINAL Final Fantasy for plain old Nintendo the only other one I've got is the one my friend plays Final Fantasy Tactics. I sugget u watch the tv series if u liked the manga... The only thing to get used to (Spoiler Alert) is that in the in the 4th season Ranma starts to sound a bit like Inuyasha! I will admit I've only played the X-Box 1 time! And I'm not into Halo... I tried, just couldn't get into it... I will say last week I felt like Ryoga! I was tryin to get to a friends house and I ended up clear on the other side of town! lucky for me someone I knew from high school was headed that way so he gave me a ride!
Aug 27, 10 at 8:46am
lol i love reading the ranma 1/2 graphic novels, but i never actually seen the show! but how can anyone suck in fainal fantasy!?! i never known that could happen, cos u just press mostly the x button! but anyways, utube is fun sometimes! i like to go on onlinevideoconverter.com and copy and paste the songs from youtube onto it!
Aug 26, 10 at 10:02pm
ive never been to a convention either! ive always wanted to go, but i couldnt sew even if my life depended on it! lol and nice to meetcha!
Aug 25, 10 at 5:06pm
I'm not afraid to be me!
Jul 28, 10 at 12:30am