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18 year old Female
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sup queen hows it goin? you sound like a really interesting person
Jun 02, 11 at 10:52pm
hey, my name is Astin, nut call me Koto, if you like. it's nice to meet you ^-^. hope to hear from you
Apr 25, 11 at 7:32pm
WOw We are so close in age! So cool i found someone like you!
Oct 05, 10 at 5:25pm
*reads description*

I'm very short myself ^^"

You like to draw? Cool! Do you have any pictures of your drawings? I'd love to see them.
Sep 01, 10 at 8:08pm
no picture
Hello! Hi there! Love the description of yourself XD, very.. informative. SUGAR IS TEH BESTEST. But uh ._. Yeah, hopefully we can talk some time. OUT OF THE BOX PEOPLE RULE! Virginia rocks btw o_o I've got a couple of friends there XD. So, yeah ._. Uh... BAI ^-^ Msg me back if you get the chance. Hopefully we can be friends!
Nov 26, 09 at 10:45pm
lol school lol i have those same kind of people here its way to easy to beat them in all the classes i just laugh when they don't turn in anywork all semester and still are surprised when they get an F. I am practically a ninja at my school i only talk to my friends and i don't make friends easy unless there cool by my standards. the best thing about my school is they have a huge manga section in the library. i still have yet to read even half of it.
Nov 15, 09 at 1:54pm
classes All honors classes wow your really smart i only have three then i have chemistry, and human physiology after that its U.S. history )= not the funniest school because in hawaii nearly everyone at school is on drugs and im the odd one out because i have dreams for the future and dont do weed
Nov 14, 09 at 3:35pm
^_^ Those are great choices If you ever become any of those I'll be sure to pick you and I have manga creator to fall back on for me I already thought up a new manga
Nov 12, 09 at 9:13pm
Dreams Thanks it's a messy Job but someone gotta do it so do you have any dream job that you strive for
Nov 12, 09 at 7:56pm
Books I'll read anything I can get my hands on though I love fantasy it's just like a whole world becomes real when I read them. I've read all the Harry potter books and I'm reading the warhammer series right now though I like reading medical books I want to be a doctor
Nov 12, 09 at 6:44pm