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25 year old Male
Last online almost 4 years ago
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Sorry for the late reply.
Yup, went to Chaffey :>
And thank you! I try ;D
Jul 29, 10 at 8:46pm
Its okay I havent been logged on in a while. since the time jesus was alive so yeah its okay
Jul 27, 10 at 11:42pm
easy Edward and Ein. What are your favorite characters.
Jul 20, 10 at 7:30pm
Jul 19, 10 at 10:02am
no picture
It dosent just take time and dedication its also takes alot of $ depends on wat ur trying to do. well i listen to Industrial, EBM, 80's goth, and so on but wat really started me in the "dark side" as i prefer to say was METAL. u no like 80 metal SLAYER, IRON MAIDEN, etc... but then i discovered Black Metal and that were i was drawn in. some goth chicks r like that. they are picky at the ppl they would date. trust me iv seen it first hand. i no wat u mean by lack of communication iv very anit-social unless i have some alcohol them im talkative. just be ur self it only a matter of time wen u find ur self.
Jul 17, 10 at 6:27pm
Actually Solo Wing Pixy is a name of a character from
Ace Combat Zero
The Belkan War
Jul 16, 10 at 11:00am
no picture
steampunk is actually awesome. i would dress like that is i had the $ time and dedication but i dont :( dam dose it have to be one. depending on my mood i switch between them. i go 4 Romantic, CYBER, FETISH, Rivethead, Victorian, Medieval, METALHEAD, VAMPIRE, GEEK. as u can tell which one i like that most. the cyber and geek go along together cuz im a big computer nerd and i love futuristic stuff and i go to clubs ALOT!!!! check out cyber punk and ull no wat i mean. to tell u the truth i dont no y others loathe cyber goth and i dont think thats true cuz i no lot of other types of goths.
Jul 15, 10 at 12:20am
Jul 12, 10 at 11:50am
so hows the major?
Jul 12, 10 at 11:50am
Roy, Riza, Hughes, Ed, Al, Izumi, Rose, Envy & Fuhrer Bradly. XD
Jul 10, 10 at 2:22pm