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Oct 23-25
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Hi wats up
Jan 02, 10 at 1:07pm
re: I'm good Just skipped school XD.
Luckily no one is ever home haha.
Sorry Im quite random
Nov 12, 09 at 1:16pm
Hey ^_^ Hello, How are you?
Nov 11, 09 at 10:13pm
Ah muh guh el oh el whuh tuh fuh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iow5n2LU0L0
Nov 06, 09 at 8:25pm
OMG NO WAI am uh guh, el oh el whuh tuh fuh, rofuhlah , be be the cuuuuuue!!!
Nov 05, 09 at 8:50pm
Dbz So,which character do u prefer?
Nov 03, 09 at 10:03am
RE:RE:RE:RE: doodles I hate neopets.
Nov 02, 09 at 5:46pm
RE: RE: Doodles Yes, I can tell you like germans because I am german!and my hygiene has nothing to do with this conversation. for your information I take a bath every night so XP. And stop poking me. I'm not your play thing. Stop treating me like your doll. I am not Barbie.
Nov 02, 09 at 5:41pm
doodles No, Jessie! Stop drawing " non-germans" or "germans" on my arm. just because it doesnt have a monical doesnt mean its not a german or a bad drawing that I just dont want on me. I let u doodle on me because we're best friends not because i like being paper. so when i say please dont draw something dont draw it! .... and now I will have to take a bath to get all this stuff off of me... -_-'
Nov 02, 09 at 5:32pm
Orly hay, how are you, do you liek mudkipz
i liek mudkipz
anywho what kinds of anime are you into.
Nov 01, 09 at 4:14pm