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15 year old Female
Last online 26 days ago
I'm a Finnish girl who wants to talk about anime but all my friends IRL couldn't care less about it, so i hope someone here would like to chat with me :).

I'm an introvert to the heart, curse a lot, watch anime, watch YouTube, am pretty good in school, die inside everytime I finish an anime or some other series or it runs out of episodes and I have to wait a year for the next season, live with my parents, am extremely annoyed of my younger siblings (they make my life hell), love my dog, love music and singing (don't know if I'm good my friends say that I am), my friends get annoyed when I fangirl over something, also they think I'm weird and......

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah that little thing... I'm extremely socially akward and cringe at everything I do in public, because I think the whole world will know if I do even one stupid thing.

Rest you can find out on your own, if there even is anything else other than all that I've already told you.
Favorite Anime View All
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
One Piece
Assassination Classroom
Hunter X Hunter (TV 2011)
Hunter X Hunter
My Neighbor Totoro
Mirai Nikki