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I got a solution for the chat. Most sites use this because its easy, cheap, free and efficient.

Irc / Mibbit Irc
all you got to do is leave yourself or another always logged in and the room stays open
Apr 22, 14 at 10:56am
I'm loving the orange!!!!!!!<3333333This is so awesome!Thank you!!
Apr 19, 14 at 5:18am
idk yet. if i do i'll probably only go sat. acen is a must though :)
Apr 14, 14 at 10:24am
no picture
Hahah ohhh :P well hey xD nice improvements to the site at least. Been some time since I've seen some nice changes.
Apr 09, 14 at 10:27pm
no picture
Hey Sephiroth,
Remember to update your OpenSSL to the newest version. The current version of OpenSSL has an issue related to Heartbleed. A new bug that can expose SSL information without anyone knowing. I run a site and I got an update from them today.

Secondly, the HTTP domain needs to be directed to SSL automatically :/
Apr 09, 14 at 3:18pm
I hate to say this, especially after I just thanked you for some of your updating work. It has come to my attention that one cannot delete their own comments even if they are picture comments. It would be very helpful to some if you could update things so that could be done. Most recent example is someone who I've been talking with and now doesn't want to talk to me anymore and has requested that I remove my comments from her pictures but I sadly cannot. I know your busy and probably more so than I can imagine and what I'm asking is probably more complicated than what I would imagine it could be but I thought it might be a helpful suggestion not just for me but for many who enjoy this site. Once again I'm sorry to have brought this up, makes my last comment seem like a "setup thank you line". Thank you for all you do here on Maiotaku *bows*
Apr 07, 14 at 8:15am
Thank you very much for the inbox notification update.
Apr 06, 14 at 8:11pm
You. Me. Marriage. When ?
Mar 31, 14 at 10:23pm
Hi, Sephiroth. I know there is a report button but there is this guy who keeps harassing this friend of mine here. And seeing how much trouble he cause, I wonder if you could be kind to do somethings about it?

The guy i'm talking about is http://maiotaku.com/p/bruce711

I hope you can do somethings about it.
Mar 22, 14 at 7:07am
Well, I went to Anime Matsuri last weekend and had a blast, but in retrospect I recall a lot that could have been done better, and judging by the opinions of other attendees, I'm not alone. I think as long as people went with a group of friends, though, and didn't have any particular schedule to adhere to, the con was pretty enjoyable. The dealers' room had some amazing stuff and the Dagorhir arena is where I spent most of my time, LOL.

I may not be able to make it to Anime Midwest this year, but I'll definitely try to attend next year. This year I'm afraid I've already signed my soul away to San Japan, and as my friend and I are also going to be moving sometime this summer, I have to leave myself a certain time window that I can work with in the event of anything unexpected happening. My sisters are also asking me to do charity work with the Sith Shadow Council at Comicpalooza, and as it's for a good cause I'm loathe to say no to them. Anime Midwest sounds awesome though! I really wish I could attend this year! TT TT

And holy hell, that's a lot to read... I'm sorry... Haha
Mar 19, 14 at 10:21pm