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23 year old Female
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Sword Art Online
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Tasogare OtomeƗAmunezia)
Candidate for Goddess
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
.hack//Legend of the Twilight
Miku Hatsune
Tenchi Muyo!
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Hey what's up?
Aug 12, 13 at 7:32pm
So what a good anime to watch? XD
May 27, 13 at 1:48pm
What else do you do?
What are your ultimate goals in life and what motivates you?
May 15, 13 at 2:11am
it was fun. ^_^ I liked answering the phone and i would try to make my voice as cute and friendly as possible! :D
I hated filing though. and data entry of patient info. >_> paper work and me dont get along. but the people interaction was fun. ^_^
May 13, 13 at 1:01pm
I was a receptionist once. In a doctors office. ^_^
May 12, 13 at 9:31am
*hugs* ok good :D
May 10, 13 at 8:30pm
what kind of job?
May 10, 13 at 12:45pm
no picture
i know right? x_x -sighs- i start going to the gym with a friend on the 19th
May 09, 13 at 5:02pm
how nice, lol
May 07, 13 at 8:54am
What do you do with your life?
May 04, 13 at 6:24pm