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lol Your missing out!! :P
Nov 05, 09 at 8:03am
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hm I agree. It is a bit overused. I could honestly care less though.
Oct 31, 09 at 12:50am
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Heheh Cool! What did you make them out of??? I highly reccomend a full body tattoo . . . Did you ever see Tomoya Nagase in My Boss, My Hero?? Soooo hott!!
Oct 26, 09 at 9:28am
oh I see, thanks for telling me lol
Oct 26, 09 at 1:56am
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biribiri <3> Railgun ep 4 is out <3

I'm a bit late.. oh well... playing too much valkyrie sky with my /jp/ bros
Oct 25, 09 at 10:45pm
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hmm No offence to peachgirl, but every TRUE otaku should know what a weabu is. X[ They annoy me so.

Just like narutards.
Oct 22, 09 at 5:02pm
Hey question! I saw your dislikes...and I have to ask what are weaboos???
Oct 16, 09 at 4:59pm
Thanks I'll keep an eye for them, I'll comment when I see them, thanks again
Oct 16, 09 at 4:55pm
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huh nani? ^_^
Oct 16, 09 at 4:22pm
:P kind of, im not sure what costume i will use for halloween
Oct 16, 09 at 2:47pm