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Easily the best cover of this song out there, holy heck.


Jan 09, 18 at 8:42pm

Thank you and I'm glad to hear that too. What'cha doing? :D

Jan 04, 18 at 5:33am

Oh, I hope that you are feeling better again so you can enjoy the start into the new year *-* I'm good but gonna be busy the next time preparing everything for moving xD

Jan 02, 18 at 5:14am

Here's to 2018, Happy New Years, friendos.

Jan 01, 18 at 3:14am

How are you doing?
Already awake or been awake all night? xD

Dec 27, 17 at 3:48am

Hey, thanks for the add. It's nice to meet you. ^^

Dec 27, 17 at 12:50am

Nyaa Merry Christmas nyaa!!! ^^

Dec 25, 17 at 2:06pm
azanarchy left a comment for Jameseypoo

I feel you. I never expected the beginning twist at all the whole time I’m playing because of how they set it up so all through the class trial I’m sitting there going “Oh no. Oh no. This can’t be happening D;”
Yuuup that’s how I feel. I was so angry with the ending it kinda ruined everything for me :/ it just put a spin on the game that shouldn’t have been there.
At first I loved kiyo. He was a little weird but seemed good natured and cool xD I would love to hear your ideal scenario. I haven’t gotten to talk to anyone about the game cause no one else I know has played it and oh man I needed to share my sorrow over the ending and fangirl about the characters to someone who understands xD

Dec 14, 17 at 3:46pm
azanarchy left a comment for Jameseypoo

Haha I had to have it as soon as it came out. I avoided anything danganronpa related like the plague so I didn’t get spoilers. Oh man I’m with you. The beginning threw me for a total loop xD the ending brought me to despair though qwq I honestly didn’t enjoy the ending and I had to put the whole game down for like three days after the fifth trial.
Oh nice! I had mixed feelings about kiyo. It was nice hearing Todd haberkorn voice him though

Dec 14, 17 at 3:29pm
azanarchy left a comment for Jameseypoo

If you do cosplay him you totally need to post pics ^^

Dec 14, 17 at 3:04pm
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