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22 year old Female
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Highschool of the Dead
Soul Eater
Deadman Wonderland
Panty and Stocking
Tiger and Bunny
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Vampire Princess Miyu
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hi there I'm new I love the color of your hair.what type of anime your into
Sep 24, 12 at 9:47pm
hi hi ^_^
Sep 21, 12 at 1:26am
lmao XD I would so go after a guy like Mori. He's quiet but sweet. But my fav characters are the twins. I like their brotherly love. I like hikaru most.
Sep 21, 12 at 1:20am
Hi :3 welcome
Sep 20, 12 at 9:54pm
Welcome to the site.~
Hey, your from Colorado also! C:
Sep 20, 12 at 12:34am
Hello! :D
Who is your favorite OHSHC character?
I like the twins. I like hikaru the most though. X3

Who do you like from hetalia?
I adore Italy!
Sep 19, 12 at 11:41pm
Hi there ^^ welcome to the site!!!!
Sep 19, 12 at 11:28pm
My name is Kaitlin, I live in Longmont, Colorado. Moved from Fort Collins. I am single and young.

Since I am so young I'm still finding myself. I'm not afraid of learning new things about life and the world itself. I am a very unique person, at time self conscious, a quiet girl (coming out of her shell at times), shy, artistic, silly, bubbly, creative, passionate on the things I love to do, even thought I don't start a conversation I can talk to other when we have something in common, humorus, I can be indecisive on things, I'm the follower not the leader, love to laugh, well enjoyed, and easily entertained. I'm an indoors girl as far as I can remember, I like to do things that involves the indoors.

I'm looking for someone who appreciates of who I am and the things I love to do, well driven, get along well with different people, loving, and caring person.

I grew up in New York, so that can make me a true New Yorker for 13 years so that by itself taught me to manage my time, sharpen my instincts, and to stand up for yourself. I'm still getting used to the Colorado feeling and how Colorado works in the slow moving feel. I don't drive so I'm taking the bus to wherever I can go.

I work as a Pawnbroker at EZPAWN. and to put this out we are NOT like Pawn Stars.

I am learning how to sew cosplays for myself and for my future BJD, I do lots of crafts like crochet and kandi stuff

I love to hang out with my friends in Denver area, go to gatherings and cons like NDK, Animaland Wasabi, Minicon, and Denver ComicCon as well as meet-ups.

So in all of the simple description of me I've got a question to you:

Are you the right one for me?
Sep 17, 12 at 10:12pm