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Not quite sure if that was you doing all that. Still a little mind-f'd right now.

If it WAS you that did all that "closet cleaning", we will call it, thank you. On top of that. I appreciate you getting this account back.

We may not see eye to eye, and that's fine. Lets just drop everything in the past and move on.

If there is something wrong, message me about it before anything, please. I will edit what I need to, but I may question about it if I feel its not right. I will add you for this sole purpose.

Besides this and the aforementioned, I will not have contact with you, nor will I bother with you, out of respect. I hope you can see and respect that.

Once more, whether it was you or not, doesn't matter. Thank you.
about 12 hours ago
Pretty good ^-^ How about you?
about 15 hours ago
Hai (^-^)/
about 16 hours ago
I have no idea what that means LOL
Yesterday at 1:32am
You can't put videos on here though lol

That makes me sad to hear :(
Yesterday at 1:07am
Awwh. You should still! It would help out a lot of people like me! ^^

I made a site before, but it was off of one of them premade things. It was all of my cosplays and stuff from cons. Would you like to see it?
Yesterday at 12:40am
Oh thank you this is so helpful! I didnt know about this, You made it? That's awesome!
Yesterday at 12:32am
How are you? I'm still a bit confused about this place it's wierd lol

Im not quite sure how to set my animes like I click on them and they don't show up so I'm abit confused :3
Yesterday at 11:46pm
Hi ^^
Yesterday at 11:36pm
Oooh I saw that one it was really good. Attack on titan is my current love though.


I'm planning on going to Baltimore for otakon this year, I don't have time to make a new cosplay, but I think I'm going to go as hinata again this year. It was a while since I cosplayed her! Hehe.
Apr 22, 14 at 11:53am