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20 year old Female
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Hell Girl
Fruits Basket
Spirited Away
Pet Shop of Horrors
Nabari No Ou
Elfen Lied
Naruto Shippuden
W Juliet
Murder Princess
Jun 15-17
Nov 16-18
Mar 15-17
May 24-26
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no picture
Doesn't matter. I'm probably going to cosplay as Yusei or Hidan from Naruto. Either way, plenty of fangirl hugs! >w<
Oct 11, 12 at 10:23pm
no picture
W-w-wha!? You like Yu-Gi-Oh!? AND are going to Shado!? We MUST meet up *o*
Oct 11, 12 at 9:57pm
no picture
Thanks, I like your pic too. It's the only one but it's still cool. :)
Jul 30, 12 at 5:03pm
why thank chu i think :3 yeah ive watched alot more then that but im to lazy to add all of them lol
Jul 09, 12 at 12:08am
well add and talk to me on fb. http://www.facebook.com/eli.richmond1
Jul 08, 12 at 12:31am
Sure, I'd like to get any help I can.
Jul 07, 12 at 10:45pm
Haha, thanks. I didn't realize it was so long until you said something. As is apparent, I have a lot of downtime. -_-
Jul 07, 12 at 1:04pm
S'alright by me, soft or hardcore, I can only say I don't like it if they fawn all over each other for no reason, if I wanted mindless secks, I'd read(watch) hentai
Jul 06, 12 at 7:35pm
Oh cmon, there is nothing wrong with love of any kinds, hell if I could draw I'd be shipping all over the place, oh and nice to meet ya.
Jul 06, 12 at 7:05pm
hello, nice to meet you :3
Jul 06, 12 at 6:21pm