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Matching Highlights

By Webmaster - Aug. 23, 2009

Now when you are looking at your matches you get to see some highlights of why they matched with you! We're developing a far more advanced matching system in the future, but these improvements should make the current system acceptable for quite a while. We're still tweaking this simple algorithm for better matching as much as we can. Enjoy!

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Exactly Slow and steady does win the race... we're working as fast as possible ^_^. Also have a bunch of other websites to keep up to date (like UpcomingCons.com).
Aug 30, 09 at 5:35am
Arigatou Slow and Steady wins the race...
Aug 26, 09 at 3:17pm
Keep up the good work Gambatte
Aug 25, 09 at 2:00am