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MaiOtaku Blog

By Sephiroth - September 19, 2009
Title says it all. Thanks for being here.
By Webmaster - August 31, 2009
We've been working on our messaging system a little bit lately, and you'll see it is far more functional now. We still need to upgrade the design, a little, with some graphics and things like that, but now viewing an actual message conversation is much easier.
By Webmaster - August 23, 2009
Now when you are looking at your matches you get to see some highlights of why they matched with you! We're developing a far more advanced matching system in the future, but these improvements should make the current system acceptable for quite a while.
By MaiOtaku - August 20, 2009
Now that there are over 200 hundred members we can properly test all the wonderful tweaks to OtakuMatch that we have been itching to implement - and now they're live! Our proprietary matching should be the best way to match you with single anime fans or single Otaku based on your interests, and now it takes even more into account automatically!

First, the system now properly accounts for your 'Looking For' status.