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Any J-POP/-POP Dancers out there with Youtube covers?

MaiOtaku Forums > Japan Discussion > Any J-POP/-POP Dancers out there with Youtube covers?
Any J-POP/-POP Dancers out there with Youtube covers? Anybody out there that also does these dances? For example:
Renai Circulation
Mune Mune Kyun
Luka Luka Night Fever
Massara Blue Jeans
Strobo Nights
Happy Synthesizer
Hare Hare Yukai( of course)
Night of Fire

Ya know, the classics XD I myself enjoy being part of the dance community and love to meet new friends and fellow dancers. My Youtube name is ohmygodninjas if anyone wants to be friends ^ _ ^

Anyone out there got any dances they think are really fun? Anyone out there need a tutorial of a dance? Also, what is your technique for learning said dances?

Do you slow them down?

Do you need them mirrored?

I cannot learn them slowed down, and I absolutely cannot learn them mirrored. I am able to automatically process which side is doing what, so mirrored messes me up bad. I learn them a part at a time, until I have moved all the way through the song. The cutesy ones take maybe an hour or so, but the harder ones with more adult-like movements and complicated choreography take a few hours, but over the course of several days. I learn them best when I learn a good bit, then just replay it in my head until I can remember it comfortably without even hearing the music play.

So what about you?
Jun 16, 11 at 8:04pm
I love doing dances, but I still haven't started dancing on YouTube yet. I plan to soon though. I lovvve doing K-pop or really fast dances. It's a lot more intense. But I have to learn them mirrored. I used to do them slowed too, but now that's way too difficult for me. My username on YouTube (nothing uploaded yet) is eeberlinsg for my dance account. :D
Jan 11, 12 at 5:27pm
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