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Anime next 2012

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Anime next 2012 Looking for some people who want to do a group cosplay, Reply to me and maybe we could be friends after.;)
Apr 24, 12 at 7:48pm
This'll be my first convention. Pretty psyched but idk If I have time to get an outfit for cosplaying.
May 28, 12 at 2:48am
no picture
Well, I'll be there, cosplaying, and I'm gonna be meeting up with people, so I can totally meet up with anyone really. We can have lunch or something :)
May 28, 12 at 11:04pm
Well I was apparently too late for this party lol...
Even though I was at Sleeping Samurai for most of it haha.
Jun 12, 12 at 9:59am
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Went all three days. Didn't cosplay, unfortunately, but overall I had a good time hanging out with high school friends.
Jun 12, 12 at 10:17am
no picture
Went in cosplay as Kaito Setsgetsuka~ <3
Jun 12, 12 at 9:35pm
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