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Motaku, MO anime con

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Motaku, MO anime con August 17-19
I am hoping to go to Motaku this year since I got my job I can save for it not sure what I would like to cosplay as v.v since I'm all by myself...sigh is any one else going?
Apr 01, 12 at 3:26pm
Possibly, just depends on what's happening around that time of the year. Went to the one last year and was a little disappointed, but it probably would have been better if I was able to get a hotel room on-time for the con lol. If I go I'll probably go as Squall once again.
Apr 02, 12 at 8:34pm
I might go as Lulu FF10 since I have the outfit your Squall outfit looks good you make a good Squall ...say don't I have you on my friends?
Apr 04, 12 at 5:12pm
I'm most likely going, I know I'll be Grell from Kuroshitsuji and Chrome Dokuro from KHR
May 02, 12 at 1:37pm
no picture
I'm going! I'll either be Canada or Lestat de Lioncourt :D
Jun 11, 12 at 4:18am
I wish I could go XD You all will have to tell me how it goes ^^
Jul 08, 12 at 7:38am
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