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Weekend Update

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Tried to update the activities feeds over the weekend and kept running into strange bugs. They should, however, be working 90% now (except it won’t say the name of WHO commented… I can’t figure it out). We also recently released a user survey to collect feedback on what to work on next. Hope to hear from you, feel free to comment.

Activity Feed

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I realized that I made one of MaiOtaku’s core features all wrong! Silly me. The recent friend activity feed sends a feed-message to everyone on your friends list when you take a feedable action. But is that really necessary? It gives each friend the ability to delete something they see in their feed, but that’s a lot of extra messages for what could be one message in the database. This is what Facebook and Twitter does, which is exactly what I should have realized. Each user should have an activity feed of what THEY are doing, and when you view your friends’ feed (like what’s on the homepage), it should aggregate all of your friend’s activity feeds. Now to figure out how to optimize it for people like me with a ton of friends.

You People Are Awesome

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Title says it all. Thanks for being here. If it weren't for all the other projects I have eating up so much time I would devote a whole lot more time here just because of you. Thank you, and I hope I can make things better and better here for you. Oh, and almost forgot, Argh, happy talk like a pirate day, m'hearties!

As far as updates, I'm trying to make things run faster, and look better. The newest members page now also includes the most active members, which is pretty cool. Update: The newest members page and homepage each took at least two seconds to render. Now it's been cut to less than 25% of that!

Messaging Updated

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We've been working on our messaging system a little bit lately, and you'll see it is far more functional now. We still need to upgrade the design, a little, with some graphics and things like that, but now viewing an actual message conversation is much easier. Replies made to any message now appear in that conversation, so you can easily see the history of that particular discussion. We still need to add a delete button to the show message page, and reshuffle the sorting on your main messages page.

Our research team is still trying to discover the use for these shiny heart pieces, thoughts are helpful and might speed up our examination :)

Matching Highlights

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Now when you are looking at your matches you get to see some highlights of why they matched with you! We’re developing a far more advanced matching system in the future, but these improvements should make the current system acceptable for quite a while. We’re still tweaking this simple algorithm for better matching as much as we can. Enjoy!

OtakuMatch (TM) Updated!

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Now that there are over 200 hundred members we can properly test all the wonderful tweaks to OtakuMatch that we have been itching to implement - and now they're live! Our proprietary matching should be the best way to match you with single anime fans or single Otaku based on your interests, and now it takes even more into account automatically!

First, the system now properly accounts for your 'Looking For' status. Women looking for women will now only see women who are also looking for women or have no preference. Same with males (I can already hear fangirls talking Yaoi).

Next, ages have finally been taken into account in our anime dating matching. It's not as effective as we will make it eventually, but it's simple enough for now. Your matchscore goes up the closer your ages are, although it's really kind of a small factor right now.

Also, your matches are now factored by state! It's not very good, yet, because we don't actually do a 'distance' factor, but if you live in the same state you get a nice match bonus with that person! Rankings have been further tweaked in other areas, and you should see more clear differences in your matches. Have fun, and thanks for being here!

Welcome To MaiOtaku

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Welcome to, a very unique social network and otaku dating website. I’m glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy everything I’m working on. I am especially grateful to have seen such tremendous growth so far, and hope to continue improving everything here in the meantime.

This blog is to keep you up-to-date with MaiOtaku developments. Here’s what we’re working on next:
  1. Improve feed on the first page. Hopefully it will soon be updated when friends upload pictures or comment on other friend’s pictures.
  2. Improved messaging to allow for easier, grouped replies and more.
  3. Convention Tracking to let you share with your friends the conventions you will be attending or have attended.
  4. Personal blogs or notes so that you can share what you have to say, if you want to.
  5. Improved OtakuMatching to make finding anime fans with similar interests even easier.
  6. Chat Forums to let people talk back and forth in groups.
  7. Groups to let people create their own groups and share with friens.
Give you comments and suggestions here in our comment section!